Does your home feel a bit too stuffy in the summer? Perhaps it’s uncomfortably cool in the winter? Consider a Ductless Heating and Cooling System from Mitsubishi. These sleek, yet mighty machines don’t require ducts, making them a great heating and cooling solution for nearly any home—even those built well before air conditioning was commonplace.

Mitsubishi’s powerful systems offer homeowners several comfort-increasing benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency — Engineered to keep energy usage low and your comfort level high
  • Cost Savings — Save big on your energy bill by only heating or cooling certain rooms and areas
  • Easy to Use — Simple operation and little to no maintenance
  • Quiet Operation — High performance you won’t even notice
  • Anti-Allergen Filter — Prevents contaminants in the air
  • Versatile — Systems fit easily into any home, room, or space

Chehalis Sheet Metal is proud to offer the Mitusibishi line of Heating and Cooling systems.  We offer ductless heat pumps that are energy efficient for heating and air-conditioning.  We offer installation, repair and service of existing units.

We are a full service heating and furnace repair provider including:

  • Gas Furnace Repair and Installation
  • Emergency Service and repair Contractor
  • Heat Pump Repair, service and installation including mini splits
  • Furnace installation and replacement
  • Central Heating Installation and Repair
  • Ductless Heat Pump Systems / Ductless Mini-Splits
  • Full HVAC System Repair, Maintenance and Installation
  • Natural Gas, Oil or Electric Heating and Cooling Systems Available
  • Free Estimates on Heating and Cooling System Replacements

Call Chehalis Sheet Metal today to learn more about ductless systems and to get an in-home estimate from one of our heating and cooling installation experts.  We are experts in heating and cooling.

Whether you have a single uncomfortable room, you’re renovating your entire house, or you’re building a home from scratch, Mitsubishi Electric has a Zoned Comfort Solution™ that fits your unique needs. Because our systems focus on individual living spaces rather than treating every room the same, it’s more customizable, more energy efficient and easier to install.

Mitsubishi Electric brings unmatched energy efficiency, performance and control to home cooling and heating. It’s never been easier to keep everyone in your house comfortable, without spending a fortune on your energy bills.  Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions™ help you use the minimum amount of energy needed to maintain your desired indoor temperature. 

A whole-home system from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating can help ensure better, fresher air in your home.  Our indoor units operate as low as 19dB(A), quieter than a human whisper. Outdoor units operate as low as 58 dB(A)—the level of a restaurant conversation or background music. With a variety of options to choose from, including our new kumo cloud™ app, Mitsubishi Electric makes it easy to manage your cooling and heating systems from just about any smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions™, including our deluxe wall-mounted models, use advanced features like 3D i-see Sensor™ to monitor occupancy in individual zones and adjust the temperature so you are always comfortable.

Zoned Comfort Solutions provide year-round comfort and are up to 40% more efficient than traditional systems. 

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